Day 184 of 365…

HB Fuller Community Park in Salmon CreekTonight I found myself in Salmon Creek and thought a nice walk around H.B. Fuller Community Park would be nice. I was correct. It wasn’t too hot. There were about 4 soccer practices & scrimmages happening. As a kid I played goaltender for about 10 years so it was fun watching them run around. The baseball fields were neat and manicured just waiting to have cleats running all over them. Kids were playing, dogs were taking their people for walks. It was lovely…


HB Fuller Community Park

H.B. Fuller Community Park is the home to Salmon Creek Youth Soccer and also Hazel Dell Little League. The land is actually owned by H.B. Fuller Company and it was developed into the beautiful park it is today by a grant from the Seattle Mariners. What a cool grant!

This is a great park to have a picnic, play on all the playground equipment, throw a frisbee, walk, run, meander… I’m going to guess that the trail around the park is around 3/4 of a mile. If anyone knows for sure please leave it in the comments. :)

HB Fuller Community Park

H.B. Fuller Community Park is located at NW 139th Street at NW 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98685.