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Day 255: Charlies Bar & Grill

Day 255 of 365…

Charlies Bar and Grill in Vancouver WAIt’s Friday night, you want to head out and enjoy life with a bunch of your friends. A good place to do this is Charlies Bar & Grill in the Image area of Vancouver. Charlies is a hot spot of local activity. Anytime I’m in there the place is full and always has tons of groups all enjoying each other.

You can shoot pool, throw darts and listen to the tunes of the day. Sometimes it’s the house music and other nights it’s the live DJ’s. Either way it’s always fun and you can dance on the dance floor if that’s your thing. Of course, it is a bar so you’ll find a full selection of libations as well as appetizers and full meals. Why not head over and check them out. Grab a few friends and take them with you or go make some new ones from those already there.

Charlie's Bar & Grill

Charlies Bar & Grill is located at 3315 NE 112th Ave #A1, Vancouver, WA 98682 and can be reached at 360-256-9991.

Charlie's Bar & Grill

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