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My Life and CrossFit Acro

ONE YEAR UPDATE!!!: Today marks my 365th day of CrossFit. One full year! I’m happy to report I’m still working out 3-4 days per week for 60 minutes each day. I am blown away at how much stronger I’ve gotten over the last year. Physically

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Day 348: Bikram Hot Yoga in Vancouver, WA

Day 348 of 365… Many months ago I discovered a new business in the Fishers Landing area. The business intrigued me and I said sometime I’d experience it so I could share with all of you. Well, it’s taken many months but tonight I decided

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Day 320: Clark Community Choices

Day 320 of 365… January 2nd, 2011. It’s still early enough you are all still “trying” to maintain your New Year’s Resolutions. 😉 I thought I’d share a very cool local resource for Clark County. It is Clark Community Choices and they are here for