Day 73 of 365…

Having been born and raised here in Vancouver, WA certain places evoke stronger memories than others in my mind. Irishtown Bar & Grill is one of those places. Irishtown Bar and GrillYou see, when I was just barely a teenager this was called Space Gang Pizza and it was a family pizza place, full video arcade and THE place to gather after school dances. Oh the memories… Then, a few years later it became Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill. This great Mongolian Grill was owned by my childhood next door neighbors (I still miss those old block parties) and was one of my first jobs. It’s gone through a few other changes over the years and has now settled in as Irishtown Bar & Grill.

Inside Irishtown Bar & GrillIrishtown Bar & Grill out in the Cascade Park area is a gathering place to do all sorts of activities. Kind of like its video arcade predecessor it’s sort of a play land for the over 21 crowd. If you’re looking for a place to get together with friends to enjoy a drink this is a great place to do so. Maybe you want to shoot some pool or throw darts? They have plenty of tables and both soft and steel tip boards. They also have a dance floor and karaoke too. They feature live music 5 nights per week for those who enjoy that. I believe they also have off track horse betting available for the gamblers out there.

Irishtown Bar & Grill is located on Mill Plain just East of I-205 at 11600 SE Mill Plain Blvd and can be reached at 360-253-1479. You can also find them on Facebook here. Some nights you’ll find a cover charge in the later hours so make sure to check their calendar before you go.