Day 74: Youskyme Teriyaki

Day 74: Youskyme Teriyaki

Day 74 of 365…

Are you looking for a great place to get some teriyaki? If so, you might consider stopping by Youskyme Teriyaki on Mill Plain. They have great teriyaki.

Youskyme TeriyakiI know for my family inline retail restaurants are sometimes questionable but Youskyme is one of my family’s favorites. We typically will call ahead to order our food and bring it home (not that there is anything wrong inside the restaurant). We’ve always had great meals from them. Whether getting a Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Yaki Soba, some sort of tempura or any of their other tasty dishes everyone is happy.

As their menu says, they are “Quick Delicious Authentic Asian Food”. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10:30AM to 9PM. You won’t find them open Sundays or Holidays.

Youskyme Teriyaki is located at 221-A NE 104th Avenue #210, Vancouver, WA 98664. If you would like to call ahead for your order their number is 360-256-8100.

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