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Day 352: Cascade Bar & Grill

Day 352 of 365… Super Bowl XLV is coming right up. The Steelers and Packers will face off for THE sporting event of the year. I thought it would be fun to cover a local place to go enjoy a Super Bowl party. According to

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Day 205: Billiards Plus Family Arcade

Day 205 of 365… Today I’m going to share a place that I’ll bet a lot of people aren’t familiar with even though it’s been in Vancouver, WA since 1982. This place is Billiards Plus Family Arcade. Billiards Plus is family owned and operated today

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Day 159: Camas Swimming Pool

Day 159 of 365… It’s finally hot outside. We’ve finally reached the right temperatures to hit an outdoor swimming area. Today I’d like to introduce you all to the Camas Swimming Pool located in Crown Park. This community pool has been serving Camas, WA and

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Day 133: Shanahan’s Pub & Grill

Day 133 of 365… Looking for a little luck o’ the Irish? How about some great food? Maybe some drinks with friends? Live entertainment with no cover charge? Then you should head over to Shanahan’s Pub & Grill downtown Vancouver. After being told I really

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Day 77: Marshall Community Center

Day 77 of 365… We’ve been having some crummy weather again and you might be looking for some new indoor location to play and exercise. If this is you then you might want to check out the Marshall Community Center. This isn’t the old, tired

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Day 73: Irishtown Bar & Grill

Day 73 of 365… Having been born and raised here in Vancouver, WA certain places evoke stronger memories than others in my mind. Irishtown Bar & Grill is one of those places. You see, when I was just barely a teenager this was called Space