Really? 365 days of Dale? Yes, 365 days… For the last 365 day’s I’ve sat at my computer (wherever I am) at some point within the day and taken a still shot of myself with my webcam. I’ve done this on a really cool website called Daily Mugshot.

Why do you do it?

This is probably the single most asked question by everyone. Would you like the simple answer? Because I can. How’s that for ultra scientific. :) I started this little project a year ago with no specific plan to do every single day in a row. Not to hit 365 days in a row. I just started it thinking it might be kind of fun. No, I’m not that vain. I don’t like sitting and looking at myself flash by over and over.

However, as I sit and ponder the last year and these mugshots. It does surprise me how much these little “snippets” of each day reflect my life. If you have the endurance to sit and look at the entire show you’ll get a feel for each day. Was I happy? Sad? Perhaps I had a headache? Maybe I was heading to a concert? Was it time to vote? Was I rooting on a friends sports team? Did something major happen in the world? Did something major happen in my own world? Did I take a new listing? Sell a home? Get a new piece of technology? Did I have a cold? Did I meet some new people? How was the weather? What time of year was it? Did I get a new hat? All of these things and many more are represented in this slide show of me through the last year.

If you have the patience, enjoy this quick little show. Once it loads (which takes a minute or so), it rolls pretty fast. If you are really a glutton for punishment, you have the ability to pause the show and click one at a time. Some of them do have captions as well so turn that on.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned as this saga of still shots in my life continues…

(You didn’t think I’d be done after just one year did you?) ;)