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My Most Viewed Photos on Flickr

I was sitting here thinking about all the photos I have on Flickr and wondering which ones have been viewed the most. Guess which ones they are? 4 of my top 5 highest viewed photos are all of…

Metro Station!

Yep, of the thousands and thousands of photos I’ve posted online, the boys of Metro Station rule my Flickr stream. How funny is this. Well, someday all these kids who are looking at these photos will want to buy a house here in Vancouver, WA and you know they’ll want to use that famous guy who took all those amazing photos of Trace, Mason and the other guys. 😉 (Nice thought huh?)

BTW, wen UR rdy 2 gt a hld of me, snd me a txt @ 360.260.3253

I’m happy to have been able to take my son to meet them and also to get to see them. He had a blast and I didn’t mind “Shaking It” either.

Here are 4 of my Top 5 photos in my stream on Flickr.

    #5 of Trace Cyrus

Metro Station In Portland, OR

    #4 of a Metro Station fan waiting to meet them

Metro Station In Portland, OR

    #2 with almost 2,500 views is one of the whole band

Metro Station In Portland, OR

    and my most viewed photo with almost 6,000 views…

Metro Station In Portland, OR

Enjoy the photos!

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