This week I finally did it. I made the move away from Verizon and into the AT&T world. What caused me to do such a thing? Only one thing could cause me to do this. The new iPhone 3GS. This thing is amazing! Absolutely incredible. Rather than ramble on about it, I’ll show some of the shots I’ve made the last couple days.

I'm an eagle
This is Charlie, he was hanging out at the AT&T store. Charlie thinks he’s an eagle, please don’t tell him otherwise. I’d hate to disappoint him. He is actually owned by a dear friend of mine (who will be celebrating 10 years cancer free this year!!!) Yeah Amy!

Here’s a cool mural I stumbled upon in Portland yesterday. I loved the colors and imagery.

This is actually 6 or 7 photos that the iPhone app AutoStitch did for me. Very quick and easy to do. Make sure to click on this image to get the full size!

It does great video too!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!