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30 Aug 2009

Getaway Sunday: Fiddler On The Roof

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Today is Sunday and Sunday’s are for getting away. Recharging. Relaxing. Getting refreshed.

Part of getting refreshed & recharged for me is musical theater. I’ve spoken about this before and if you know me, you know I love musical theater (if only I had been blessed with […]

27 Jun 2009

Do You Forkfly?

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Do I what?

Do you Forkfly? What in the world is Forkfly? Well, here is what their website says:

Forkfly is a revolutionary new service that connects consumers with merchants. Forkfly features the best local merchants, restaurants, and service providers all committed to offering you incredible incentives and exclusive […]

26 Jun 2009

Foto Friday: From the New iPhone 3GS

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This week I finally did it. I made the move away from Verizon and into the AT&T world. What caused me to do such a thing? Only one thing could cause me to do this. The new iPhone 3GS. This thing is amazing! […]

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