Today is Getaway Sunday and I can’t help but think about all my friends from around the country who are beginning to descend upon Chicago, Illinois. This is because tomorrow, the 15th of June is the next Real Estate BarCamp happening right in The Windy City. Anyway, back to Chicago.

~My “quick” trip through Chicago~

I’ve only visited Chicago once, back in 1992. I flew into Chicago by myself, rented a car and drove across the state to Bushnell, Illinois (I seem to remember one time the vehicle almost felt like it went off level ;)). I was headed to a huge outdoor music festival called Cornerstone Festival. I had the most amazing time at the fest (but didn’t really spend any time in the city since I was in a hurry to get to the music fest). After the festival was over I drove back across the state (again, I think the vehicle left the “perfectly level” position almost one time, yes it is FLAT) and ran through the city on my way to the airport. I’m sure I had a disposable camera with me but I have no idea where those photos might be.

So, my friends will lead the way

Thanks Philly friend Bill Lublin for this great shot. Just seems to invite you in doesn’t it?

Thanks to my West Virginia friend Sarah Cooper for this great shot of “The Bean“. I want to spend a day shooting photos around this thing! Wow!

Here’s one more from Sarah…

Wouldn’t this be a great thing to see while in Chicago? I think so.

I’m still waiting for my other Philly pal Kim Wood to start uploading some of her photos. You’ll be able to see them here once she uploads them.

Lastly, my Saint Paul friend Teresa Boardman is on her way to “Chi-Town” and I’ll guarantee she’s armed and ready to fire! Teresa’s photos will be absolutely wonderful and you’ll be able to check them out here very soon.

Tomorrow RE BarCamp Chicago will happen and I know there will be all sorts of cool things to learn and all sorts of wonderful photos to check out. Make sure you do!

“All Aboard” photo courtesy of my East SF Bay area bud Andy Kaufman