Confession: I’m a late nighter. Many of you may know this about me. I really enjoy the late night quiet. I get lots of work done after all has settled down. I also get to visit with local West(ish) coast friends online in the late hour PLUS I have some East coast friends and flyover land friends who get up at hours that should only be reserved for sleeping. 🙂

So, I’m having a very enjoyable late night chat on Twitter with my friend @boomerjack who lives in St Paul Minnesota (he was already beginning his Sunday!). I’ve shared about Jack before here on the blog. Anyway, I ask Jack if there is any cool place he’d like to go for this weeks “Getaway Sunday” post. He mentions that today is he and his lovely bride @TBoard‘s wedding anniversary and they might be heading to Taylors Falls, Minnesota for the day.

Sweet! Sounds great. Ummm… Where is Taylors Falls, MN?

I give my friend Google Maps a call and he tells me that Taylors Falls is North and East of St Paul sitting on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border along the St Croix River. In honor of Jack and Teresa Boardman’s wedding anniversary, today we’ll head to Taylors Falls, MN. I’ll have to borrow some photos from my friends over on Flickr since I don’t have any myself and Teresa hasn’t taken any yet. I know she’ll come home with some fabulous pics though!

Thanks to Aaron Landry for this cool perspective.

Thank you to Paul.Carroll for this beautiful photo.

I want to go here!
This really makes me want to go here. Thank you to Mykl Roventine for this temptation. I hope you guys enjoy a frosty one for me!

This last photo is also from Mykl Roventine. As a Realtor, Teresa might really enjoy it. Maybe they want to sell? Who knows…
Not sure what this is. Can’t wait to see how T labels it.

Happy Anniversary Jack and Teresa!