Those words continue to haunt me…

A few days ago I saw this video posted on my friend Mike Mueller’s blog. It has also been making the rounds on facebook and also YouTube. GOOD! I don’t think this can circle the interwebs enough.


Yes, I have been extremely guilty of this offense. I’ve almost been cavalier in my attitude. I have felt like I’m in control of my texting while driving and I’m not like the others who don’t pay attention. Guess what? I AM GUILTY! I’m no better than anyone else and I really like the idea of continuing to live for a while longer. Even more impacting is the thought that my stupidity could cause someone else’s death. The messages and tweets aren’t that important!

Please watch this once. Then forward it to as many people as you can. Then watch it again! #Seriously!

Hopefully this has had the same impact on you as it has on me. Let the line, “mommy & daddy, wake up” resonate in your head. Is it worth it? I think NOT!

Mike, thank you for caring enough to blast this around!!! I needed it.

I will be pulling over if I have to send a message. Will you?

(Thanks Andy Kaufman for the killer thumbnail photo)