I’ve watched different Improv Everywhere videos over the years all over the web. Things like freezes in Grand Central and musical theater in a food court. These all look like a lot of fun so when I found out Portland Improv was doing a freeze I wanted to go participate.

I grabbed my camera, my Flip video and headed to Pioneer Square to find out where our secret mission location was (it stays top secret so we can really surprise the folks wherever it is). As soon as I got there I learned we would be heading down to the Rose Festival Waterfront Village for our big freeze. The freeze would begin at 7:07PM and last for 7 minutes. We needed to pick our pose before hand so we could instantly freeze when the horn sounded.

This video is a little intro from me and then my entire 7 minute freeze. I had turned on my Flip video prior to start and held it in a way that would show a little background activity. If you manage to stick with the whole video you’ll see some funny people in the background “checking it out”.

You’ll also want to listen closely to the different things people say about all of us “frozen”.

Thank you Portland Improv for a fun night! I can’t wait to see what is next.