Understand Short Sales? You must be kidding Dale!

Now that I have you laughing hysterically… Let me share with you the first thing I share with every single buyer I meet (or anyone who wants to talk about this topic). Are you ready for this? There is a secret that I share. Something that must be done right up front. Something that has to be done for any of the conversation to make any sense. Something that will blow your mind when you hear it. Are you ready for this?

What must I do?

You must remove a component of most normal topics. Something that we like to think matters. Something you think the banks would understand. Get on with it Dale, what is it?


Yes, logic. I share that the first thing we have to do is take logic and remove it. Place it over on the side so that it doesn’t get in the way of our talk. I share this because as soon as I begin to explain how the short sales work, you will say “that doesn’t make any sense”. Ah, you are correct. Remember, we took logic and moved it aside. It can’t exist for this short sale conversation to work. That would be, according to The Princess Bride

In the weeks to come I’ll share a few other steps to understanding (if that’s really possible) the short sale buying process as I’ve seen it unfold here in Vancouver, WA. Thanks for stopping by, keep checking back for new information.

(Thanks to my Virginia RealEstateZebra friend Daniel Rothamel for the photo. Thanks to my California buddy Dustin Luther for the laugh!)

(Also a special thanks to a dear friend I’ve made through Flickr who just so happens to live in Ireland! AnnMari is a wonderful photographer that I’d highly recommend you take a few minutes to go visit and see some of her work. Tell her I said hi. ;) She took the Logic photo above.)