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Trust As a Realtor this word resonates within me. Am I trustworthy? Do people trust me? On a daily basis I am responsible for the largest investment most people will ever make. Do I handle that responsibility with care? Do I earn each clients trust?

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Monday Market Tracker: 98660 & 98663

Today’s Monday market statistics are brought to you by the numbers 9-8-6-6-0 and 9-8-6-6-3. It is Monday and that means we get to look at some more of our Vancouver area market statistics. Last week we looked at 98661 which includes the Vancouver neighborhoods of

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Inman Connect San Francisco Photos Part 1

Last week I told you I’d be in San Francisco attending the Inman Connect Real Estate conference. Part of the deal for me being there was to officially shoot the photos for Inman. In addition, I got to attend and learn a ton of cool