14 Jul 2010

Day 148: 2010 Relay For Life of Vancouver/Clark County WA

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Day 148 of 365…

This particular “thing” to do in Vancouver is closer to me than anything else. You see, I am a cancer survivor and I’ve lost dear friends and family to this horrible disease. I don’t know anyone in the world who hasn’t lost someone near and dear […]

18 Jul 2009

Walk the Survivor Lap With Me

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Every year the American Cancer Society Relay For Life kicks off the 24 hour event with a lap for all of us survivors. It is an emotional time that hits everyone differently. Some of us have been clean and clear for years (11 years for me!) and […]

10 Jul 2009

Foto Friday: ACS Relay For Life

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Today is Friday, which means it’s time for some photos. Today, I’ll be doing photos with a purpose! Photos to remind everyone about the Relay For Life of Vancouver, WA. This event takes place next Saturday and Sunday the 18th & 19th of July. If you […]

13 Jun 2009

Hi, I’m Nick, Give Me A Hug…

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Boy, this has been quite a week. There have been some real highs and some real lows.

I just came from the funeral of a dear lifelong friend who’s husband lost his battle with cancer last week. As you may know, I’m a cancer survivor and of course thankful […]

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