Today is Friday, which means it’s time for some photos. Today, I’ll be doing photos with a purpose! Photos to remind everyone about the Relay For Life of Vancouver, WA. This event takes place next Saturday and Sunday the 18th & 19th of July. If you are already participating, wonderful! If you aren’t participating, I’d suggest you swing by and check it out. Buy some raffle tickets, come support us survivors, come late for the luminary service around midnight (bring tissues!!!).

With only one week left I’m also ramping up my fundraising efforts since I’m trying to raise at least $1,500 through my online efforts. I’m currently at about 50% of that goal. I’ve had about 20 friends from around the country step up in some big and small ways to help out. The awesome thing is, EVERY single dollar raised goes to help find a cure. What I’ve been asking is if each and every one of you would give a dollar. You can give online (I think the minimum there is $5). Or, if you can do the single dollar, take an envelope, stick a dollar in it and mail it to:

Dale Chumbley
c/o Prudential NW Properties
17700 SE Mill Plain #100
Vancouver, WA 98683

While I really appreciate the larger gifts (& would never discourage them) if EVERYONE would give $1 we would raise WAY MORE than my goal of $1,500. Will you help? Please do and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to those who already have!

Now for some photos from last years event. I hope you enjoy them…

2008 Relay For Life Of West Clark County

2008 Relay For Life Of West Clark CountyYeah Survivors!

A Tail Of Three SurvivorsCancer effects many more than you realize! 3 Survivors together.

We need one of these!

Along the track to finding a cure

Sharing a moment