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Day 61: Steakburger Golf-O-Rama

Day 61 of 365… The sun is out and the temperature is nice. I figured why not head over to Steakburger Golf-O-Rama on Highway 99 to get in a quick 18 holes. My daughter and I loaded up in the van and headed out to

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Day 46: Peach Tree Restaurant & Pie House

Day 46 of 365… If you’ve been in Vancouver for any length of time you likely remember Plush Pippen. Plush Pippen was created in the early 1970’s by past Clark County Sheriff Frank Kanekoa. For a while it became Tee Dee’s and is now the

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Day 22: Mugs Coffee in Hazel Dell

With a fresh haircut from Lisa at enVee Salon (she’s the best!) and needing to fire up my Netbook for a few before heading to my next appointment I seek out a FREE Wi-Fi hotspot. I’d heard rumor that the coffee house in the same

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Does Value Range Marketing Work?

“Value Range what” you ask. Prudential Value Range Marketing (PVRM) is an exclusive pricing option available through the Prudential network. Range pricing leads to greater exposure to buyers, which typically results in more showings. It opens the door to negotiations and increases your opportunities for