9 Aug 2010

Day 174: Clark County Fair Extreme Big Air Motorcycles

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Day 174 of 365…

I LOVE the Extreme Big Air Motorcycles. I’m amazed at the fearlessness and insanity these riders possess. For them to race toward a ramp and fly well over 50 feet through the air boggles the mind. Then you incorporate tricks where they flip completely upside down, do […]

19 Jul 2010

Day 153: Washougal Motocross Championship

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Day 153 of 365…

This Wednesday the dust will get kicked up for the annual AMA Motocross Championship event at the Washougal MX Park. Washougal MotocrossThe amateur events will be on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd with the National Pro event happening on […]

12 Aug 2009

Clark County Fair: Extreme Big Air Moto

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I love the Clark County Fair. The dust, the smell of the livestock, the grilled onion burgers, the Dairy Women milkshakes…

The Extreme Big Air Motorcycles!

One of the staple attractions at the fair has become these high flying, adrenaline junkie motorcycle jumpers. We’ve gone to watch them for […]

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