Clark County Fair

9 Aug 2010

Day 174: Clark County Fair Extreme Big Air Motorcycles

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Day 174 of 365…

I LOVE the Extreme Big Air Motorcycles. I’m amazed at the fearlessness and insanity these riders possess. For them to race toward a ramp and fly well over 50 feet through the air boggles the mind. Then you incorporate tricks where they flip completely upside down, do […]

5 Aug 2010

Day 170: Clark County Fair

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Day 170 of 365…

2010 Clark County Fair logoIt’s that time again! Time for the Annual Clark County Fair. Can you believe they’re celebrating their 142nd year! Wow! That’s a long time! Anyone here remember the first one? I didn’t think so… 😉

The […]

12 Aug 2009

Clark County Fair: Extreme Big Air Moto

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I love the Clark County Fair. The dust, the smell of the livestock, the grilled onion burgers, the Dairy Women milkshakes…

The Extreme Big Air Motorcycles!

One of the staple attractions at the fair has become these high flying, adrenaline junkie motorcycle jumpers. We’ve gone to watch them for […]

17 Jul 2009

Foto Friday: A Blur of Activity!

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Wow! Today has been an absolute whirlwind of activity. I have decided I need to plan to host more parties or go on more vacations because it never fails… The day you plan either activity, business seems to BOOM! Not that I’m complaining but timing isn’t always […]

22 May 2009

Foto Friday…

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It’s Friday, how about a photo or two? I love photography and all the amazing things you can share with it. There is such power in a picture. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, here are a few thousand words from […]