Last week I told you I’d be in San Francisco attending the Inman Connect Real Estate conference. Part of the deal for me being there was to officially shoot the photos for Inman. In addition, I got to attend and learn a ton of cool stuff plus spend face to face time with my real estate friends from around the country. The week was amazing, I had a ton of fun and shot well over a thousand photos.

We partnered with Animoto to use my pics to build videos to be shown during the transitions between speakers. This allowed everyone to get a taste of what was happening throughout the day. I thought it might be a fun way to show off some of the pics and also show off how awesome Animoto is for building the “rock star” videos. If you are interested in getting Animoto for yourself, head over here and check it out.

We kicked the entire event off with the Beer With Bloggers event.

Here’s some shots from the registration area the next morning.

Wanna check out the Exhibit Halls?

Finally I’ll show you some general “Look and Feel” from Inman.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these shows and check back again right away for Part 2 (and maybe Part 3). I had a blast shooting this event. It was my first “official” shoot and it was a blast. I think that Inman was even happy with the results. Yeah! :)