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Day 5: Esther Short Park in Downtown Vancouver, WA

Day 5 of 365… How long has it been since you’ve visited Esther Short Park? Are you from Vancouver like me and remember playing there as a kid? Are you new here and haven’t a clue what Esther Short Park is or where it’s located?

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Day 4: Nautilus Backyard in Fishers Landing

Day 4 of 365… Here is a real hidden gem in the East Vancouver area of Fishers Landing. Nautilus has their main headquarters there and in addition to that, they have built a Community Athletic area called Nautilus Backyard. It is open to the public

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Day 3: Cinetopia Theater In Cascade Park

Day 3 of 365… Cinetopia Theater in Cascade Park is always fun to go to. You can also enjoy a meal and drink at Vinotopia Restaurant and Wine Bar. You’ll find extremely comfortable seating and state of the art equipment at Cinetopia. If you are

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Day 1: Columbia River Waterfront in Vancouver, WA

Today begins a new little project I’m going to attempt. I’ll be posting one new thing to do each day for the next year in Vancouver, WA. Maybe a park to visit. Perhaps a restaurant, fun activity or hidden gem that not a lot of