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365 Things To Do In Vancouver, WA Year In Review

The Mission: February 17th, 2010 through February 16th, 2011 write one blog post each and every day highlighting something to do in Vancouver, WA (& surrounding cities). Status: Task completed on schedule. Every single day one blog post was written. Almost every post included a

Today Is… Day 365 of 365 Things To Do In Vancouver, WA

Day 365 of 365!!! Can you believe it? Today is Day 365! Yes, this is the 365th day in a row I’ve written a blog post about my hometown, Vancouver, WA. I’ve shared parks, trails, events, activities, restaurants, coffee houses, venues, wineries and countless other

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Day 364: Vancouver Convention Center

Day 364 of 365!!! Seriously! Wow! I can’t believe I just typed “Day 364 of 365”. That blows my mind. It’s hard to believe I’ve blogged every single day in a row for 364 days. What a crazy wonderful year it’s been. Let’s get to

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Day 363: Lapellah Restaurant

Day 363 of 365… I’ve been hearing about how great Lapellah Restaurant is for quite some time. I decided it was finally time to “check it out” myself. I’m glad I did. They have a very hip decor to the place. I loved seeing the

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Day 362: Hudson’s Bar & Grill at The Heathman Lodge

Day 362 of 365… Looking for a wonderful meal with a great lodge like atmosphere? Look no further than Hudson’s Bar & Grill inside The Heathman Lodge. This place has the coolest vibe about it. Complete relaxing, rustic flair with some wonderful gourmet food. From

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Day 361: Quay Bar at the Red Lion Hotel

Day 361 of 365… We are so fortunate to have the Columbia River running along our entire southern border. It provides a beautiful scenery, great playground and wonderful opportunity to grab some fabulous fresh seafood. Thankfully we have some terrific locations to enjoy the beauty

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Day 358: Ichi 18 Teriyaki

Day 358 of 365… Pizza and teriyaki! These are two of the main food groups in my world. I love them both and am always looking to discover new places to enjoy both. Today I found a new teriyaki place that is worth stopping for.

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Day 357: Pearson Air Museum

Day 357 of 365… It dawned on me yesterday, I hadn’t shared Pearson Air Museum here on 365 Things To Do In Vancouver, WA. How is that possible? I’ve shared a few events throughout the year that have taken place at Pearson Air Museum and

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Day 356: Aaron Meyer and The Vancouver Big Band

Day 356 of 365… Big Band music of the 40’s and 50’s… Such a fun time in the musical world. This coming Saturday, February 12th, 2011 you can relive a little of those eras. Aaron Meyer and the Vancouver Big Band will bring music alive

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Day 355: Camas Meadows Golf Club

Day 355 of 365… I love the Pacific NW. The natural beauty of the trees, lakes, hills and green are simply amazing. When all of these things come together with some vision you can end up with a simply stunning golf course. That’s what you’ll