Day 20 of 365…

After my Carol’s Corner Cafe meal the other day I wanted to get out and stretch my legs and lungs a bit. So, my daughter and I thought a bike ride would be nice. Rather than riding around our neighborhood streets we chose to head out and try the Padden Parkway Trail that runs along Padden Parkway. What a treat that was! We really enjoyed our ride along this extra wide, smooth paved trail. We did approximately an 80 block ride (and thankfully there are underpasses to hide in because we got caught in that little hail storm). :)

Padden Parkway Trail pedestrian overpass at nightSpecial thanks to local photographer Aaron Hockley for the great night shot of one of the pedestrian overpasses along Padden Parkway Trail. Aaron hosts a local site called Vancouver Snapshots which features all sorts of fun local Vancouver, WA images.

Padden Parkway Trail runs from NE Andresen Rd to NE 162nd Ave which is almost 5 miles (10 miles round trip). It is very level which makes it great for the whole family. This is not an aggressive trail, it is a relaxing ride. If you live along Padden in the Orchards area I’m sure you’re familiar with this great trail. If you are looking for a place to go for a long bike ride or stroll (and you’re not near the Columbia River) I’d suggest you give this a try. I will be back again. We had a wonderful ride.