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Getaway Sunday: A Cruise

Some people love them, some people hate them. I personally LOVE them! To me the cruise ship is the ultimate vacation. How amazing to have your travel, food, lodging, entertainment all rolled into one big bundle. Whether you are heading to Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean or where ever the ship will take you, it is simply the best.

If you haven’t been on a cruise before, let me ‘splain it to you a bit. You show up at the port where the cruise ship takes off from, get on, get settled and then you simply relax and enjoy the next 3, 4, 7, 10 or more days. This great big boat takes off to show you all sorts of cool places around the world. When you arrive at a port, you may hop off the boat and go sight seeing, exploring, wandering or whatever you desire. Then, you hop back on the ship and they take you to the next place. While onboard, your every need is taken care of. Hungry for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Need a midnight snack? All the food is covered and you have a ton of variety to choose from. Want to dress up and be fancy, head to the dining room. Maybe you want more casual? Head out to the pool or to one of the many places to grab a quick bite.

Like live entertainment? Guess what, there are all sorts of options available for whatever you’re in the mood for. Want to relax in a piano bar for a quite evening? Done! Maybe see a live dance troupe? Done! Magician? Done! Comedian? Done! Perhaps karaoke is your thing? They have that too! See, you can do a ton on a cruise ship.

My family and I have been on many a cruise. We all love them. Even the kids (yes, there is tons for the kiddos to do too). I’ll close by sharing a variety of photos from some different cruises I’ve been on. I hope you enjoy.

ZihuatanejoAbsolutely LOVE Zihuatanejo!

2005 Alaskan Cruise GlacierEnjoying a glacier in Alaska…

Panning for gold
Panning for gold in Alaska.

Swimming with dolphins in MexicoEnjoying the kiss of a pretty lady in Mexico…

AcapulcoI always love the after hours on a ship. So peaceful, quiet and relaxing…

One thought on “Getaway Sunday: A Cruise”

  1. Roberta says:

    I perfectly agree with you, I love cruse ship and I think they are the perfect location for lots of occasions. I experienced of a Corporate entertainment in a cruise ship and it was amazing. I suggested to my manager to organize our next Christmas corporate party in a cruise ship. With a band hired, a good dinner and some after dinner speakers I am sure it would be a memorable night

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