14 Jun 2010

Day 118: Annual Worldwide Photo Walk Comes to Vancouver, WA

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Photo Walk Full

Day 118 of 365…

Are you a local photographer? Are you a local photography hobbyist? Do you own a camera and like to make photos? Does your phone have a camera on it? Dale <a href= […]

31 Jul 2009

Foto Friday – First Word To Pop In Your Head…

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For today’s Foto Friday I wanted to do something fun since Fridays need to be fun. So, I popped onto Twitter and asked for everyone to share with me the first word that popped into their head when they read my tweet. Now, I’m going to take […]

19 May 2009

“You can’t make this stuff up, I swear!”

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As a Realtor I show a ton of homes. These homes range from new construction to owned by your normal, everyday homeowner to investor owned to short sales and of course, the fun “bank owned” property. As you might imagine, the things I see while showing homes is […]

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