For today’s Foto Friday I wanted to do something fun since Fridays need to be fun. So, I popped onto Twitter and asked for everyone to share with me the first word that popped into their head when they read my tweet. Now, I’m going to take each of those words and head over to Flickr to search each word with a Creative Commons license allowing usage. I’m then going to pick the “most interesting” tab and grab the top photo shown. If at all possible I’m going to start with contacts of mine in Flickr. If necessary I’ll head out to the general population.

Let’s see what we get? Sound good? This should be interesting…

First word that was shared I’m going to pass on using for this experiment… ;) (this is a “family friendly” blog after all!)

Second word I got was “what“. I actually got this word twice. One from @realestatechick and the other from @cmstudios.
Thanks to kk+ for this photo.

The next word came from @RobinTaylorRoth. Her word was “tweet“.
Thanks to b_d_solis for this photo.

Moving along the word list we get to “busy” by @jackiesheldon.
Thanks to Disney photo guru Joe Penniston for this one. (side note: If you love Disney stuff, Joe takes the MOST AMAZING Disney photos!)

This next word should be fun. It is “sarcophagus” provided by rares_pdx. Thanks Ron!
This photo was graciously provided by antonychammond.

Next up is “okay” submitted by @realtortweet.
This “okay” photo comes from striatic from Seattle.

Working down the list we find “lamp” from @jenniblossom.
Thanks again to striatic from Seattle.

Moving on… Time for “brain” which was lovingly coaxed out of @EvaCatHerder.
How cool! This pic provided by my friend ahockley! Sweet. (What’s even funnier about this pic to me is when Eva replied to my tweet she said she always has a “brain freeze” when someone asks her such things. I asked her to pick either brain or freeze. Look at the pic, it could work for either word! LOL)

Next word comes from my four legged friend @DaisyLegsBeagle. She chose… “Aeow-Woo!” (I think this one was rigged… Look what pic came up as most interesting!)
Of course, this pic comes from Daisy’s two legged master Boomer Jack.

I’m going to bundle two words together for this next one. “Cain” provided by @stevenguymcdade and “dog” provided by @MikeCanDoIt. Let’s see what we get…
Thank you to ccdoh1 for this photo.

I love this next one, it is “Bollocks” from my buddy @SimonHQ.
In the spirit of this being a “family friendly” site, we’ll skip #1 AND #2 and head to #3… :)
Thanks to nualabugeye for this fun “family safe” photo!

The last two submissions came from @MauraNeill and @jessicahorton. Their words were “pizza” and “flop“. We’ll combine these as well.
Thank you to amanky for this tasty photo.

What a perfect way to end. A nice plate of pizza, fried chicken, french fries, potatoes and gravy and fish. Mmmm, now I’m hungry! Thanks for playing along everyone! Time to eat some food.