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Day 75: Bella Vista Park

Day 75 of 365… While my son and I were out today we decided it would be nice to shoot some hoops for a bit. We were driving through Cascade Park and I thought, why not stop by Bella Vista Park and play some basketball,

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Day 56: Sheridan’s Frozen Custard

Day 56 of 365… Full disclaimer: I do NOT like custard. Never have. Just not my thing. My family loves it, growing up it was around me and I just am not a fan. But, with this “365 Things” project I’m stepping outside of my

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Day 48: Chutneys Taste of India

Day 48 of 365… In the mood for some Tandoori Chicken? Perhaps some Lamb Korma? Maybe some Garlic Naan is calling your name… Well, are you in luck. Right here in Vancouver, WA we have Chutneys Fine Indian Cuisine. Chutneys is located in Fishers Landing/Cascade

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Day 33: Rockin Wings

Like the name says… This place is ROCKIN! Day 33 of 365… Looking for awesome wings and a cool atmosphere? Let me introduce you to Rockin Wings in the Cascade Park area of Vancouver. I’ve driven by many times but today thought I’d Venture in

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Day 3: Cinetopia Theater In Cascade Park

Day 3 of 365… Cinetopia Theater in Cascade Park is always fun to go to. You can also enjoy a meal and drink at Vinotopia Restaurant and Wine Bar. You’ll find extremely comfortable seating and state of the art equipment at Cinetopia. If you are